About TCE

TCE connects newsrooms, publishers, and editorial teams across the globe. It enables them to exchange content, increase reach and enrich content offering to their audiences. Publishers get access to a wide variety of sources, content creators get more reach and receive better value for their work.

Sharing content might feel a bit strange, we are in competition!
News brands have distinctive content which makes them the brand they are. However, not all content is distinctive and the created content reaches only a limited number of the potential of audience interested. By sharing, bigger audiences are served, more business is generated. 

All news will look the same?
Sharing also means that news organisations can focus more. Not all news rooms need to put their resources in covering everything. Cooperation means that together a more pluriform content offering can be created. New sources of content become available, like local news and special interest sources. As TCE grows, and more publishers and content creators get connected, different kinds of content may get more widely spread.

We already have press agencies, how is this different?
Press agencies are part of the news ecosystem but not the only sources of quality content. There is much creative power and content production within news organisations and editorial teams. Connecting teams directly will generate new flows of content between editorial teams and creating direct revenue, together. 

How does payment work?
Payment will be based on the performance (CPM) of the content or fixed price. The height of the CPM is determined by the creator of the content. In case of highly exclusive content, CPM cost may be high, while offering more mainstream topics could be priced lower. 

How is performance measured?
Participating publishers report to TCE based on published content items through TCE. TCE does not inject code, pixels or software in its content items. It does not add extra cookies or other ways of collection of consumer data. The statistics per content item are matched with the CPM price. 

How are copyrights dealt with
Copyrights are the responsibility of the creator offering the content. Only content can be shared of which the uploader is the rightful owner.

Who can join The Content Exchange
Any editorial team creating content can be a member of The Content Exchange and offer the content for distribution. At the start of The Content Exchange we cooperate with known brands and content sources, the ambition is to evolve into an open content market. 

Sharing is nice! But: I want to use my own media player
Content can be shared as an item or as a link towards a player. In the latter case, there is an option to pay the publisher who publishes the player, as a revenu share of the ads playing in the player of the content creator. 

But: I also want to distribute branded content
Also branded content can be shared, also in that case the creator offering the content may pay to get published. All content which is branded content must be marked in TCE as such.

But: I already have partnerships and content feeds running
Publishers with a license can integrate all existing content feeds of their current partners and press agencies. Editors will have a single dashboard for all content. TCE can be fully integrated in the CMS but this will take extra cost and effort. 

What is in it for TCE?
TCE works on a revenue share basis, based on the volume of content which is shared. The share is paid by the party sharing the content and making the revenue. The higher the volume of content that is shared, the lower the percentage share.

Great! How do I start?
TCE will be fully operational in June 2020. At the moment, we are in the process of testing and building. If you want to join the testing, want to receive updates or have questions regarding The Content Exchange, let us know: info@tce.exchange

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