The Content Exchange in 1 minute

About is TCE?

TCE supports the exchange of content between
publishers, editorial teams and other content
producers. TCE collects, structures and distributes
the content and takes care of performance
measurement and payments.

TCE for publishers
Direct access to a wide variety of content sources. 

TCE for content producers
Expand content monetization by improving reach.

News publishing

Newsrooms cover 24/7 all developments on a wide variety of topics. Sharing basic news content between newsrooms is an efficient way of newsgathering and editorial teams can focus on their own signature stories and commentaries.

Special interest

Production of quality stories on local topics or special interest takes time and requires special expertise. At the same time, it is hard to reach the relevant audience. Cooperation between publishers will improve reach and develop a sustainable business model for this type of content.


Producing video is expensive and requires reach to get monetized. By distributing video in a wide network of publishers, reach and monetization will improve, while the user of the video gets a richer story without making all investments for video production.


Corporate brands and communication professionals produce quality content which can be offered for publication. Text, Photography, Audio and Video are all supported and will be distributed based on topic and interest in the TCE network.

Editor's Dashboard

  • TCE provides the editor with a personalized overview of all relevant content sources.
  • All sources are structured based on recency, trending, topic and  media type.
  • Editors can make their own selections of content feeds. 
  • Editors can make content selections, download the selection to the CMS and publish.

Performance Dashboard

  • Editors and publishers can configure content feeds and offer these to TCE.
  • Editors define which content will be accessable to who at what time for which cost (CPM or fixeD).
  • TCE will structure and distribute the content to all relevant editors in the network.
  • TCE will report on the performance of the content and takes care of the payments.

Join TCE!
TCE is under construction. We expect to be live in June 2020. Publishers and editors are kindly invited to participate in testing. Are you interested in TCE and want to learn more about it or participate in testing? Please let us know! 


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